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Precious Leader Woman is a film that touches on many of the modern faces of colonialism that we see in Indigenous communities today.  We invite you to connect with the following resources to find out how you can join us in making a positive impact.



Spencer O’Brien is like many Indigenous youth in Canada, growing up disconnected from their bak̓wa̱m (Indigenous) identity. This is a direct result of the genocidal colonial policies the federal government of Canada enforced upon the First Peoples of this land. Spencer’s story of reconnection to her Haida & Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw roots is an example of the strength, beauty and resilience of the spirit of bak̓wa̱m people which offers hope for the next generation of Indigenous youth to achieve their dreams and heal from the impacts of colonization. We hope this film resonates far and wide, helping to share this important message. 

Find out how you can book a screening in your school or community (COMING SOON)


Indigenous peoples in Canada were systemically separated from their identities, families, culture, languages and the land through genocidal laws. The current plight of Indigenous peoples we see today is a direct result of 500+ years of attempted and ongoing colonial genocide enforced upon us by the federal government.  

We are now in a time of awakening and reconnecting to the power that was within all Indigenous people there prior to contact, to the power that has always been.

In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) published its final report detailing the experiences and impacts of the residential school system, creating a historical record of its legacy and consequences.

Precious Leader Woman responds to these calls to action by helping educate audiences on Indigenous issues, supporting indigenous creators and voices,  highlighting indigenous sports and can be used for cultural safety training purposes. 

Please find out more about the Truth & Reconciliation Act and how you can join us to work towards these goals. 

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